A Bientot Paris


This morning as I biked (via the convenient city-wide program) to my last French class I knew, without a doubt, that I must return to Paris.

There’s so much culture and language to learn and neighborhoods to explore. A month was simply a start.

Tomorrow we fly to London for the last month of this trip. Hard to believe and I know time will only go faster.

Tonight though, with the bittersweet sentiments each move brings, I’m focused on the knowledge that I’ll return soon.


Exploring Paris


I’m here! I’m still in France!

We’re in Paris for the month and I’m already certain it won’t nearly be long enough. While I’ve seen nearly all of the “must-see” tourist attractions, I really must pick up my culinary pursuits. From here on out I’m on a mission to taste this marvelous city’s best pastry. Although I may be slightly limited as a good lot of businesses are taking their annual August vacances.

Rest assured though, I have found the most marvelous gelato care of Pozzetto More updates shortly!