“Treat Yourself!”


My travel companion works a lot. He’s doing a stage which means long hours in exchange for knowledge and experience.

That’s really great. He finds it rewarding and I’m naturally inclined to lots of solo time anyway. But one day, after quickly grabbing a subpar meal (seriously, how do you charge 10 euros for microwaved toasts) before his shift at the restaurant, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Rather than stay all Debbie Downer about it (but thanks Heather, Steph & Drea for indulging me for that hour or so) I thought I’d “treat myself” Joy the Baker style and take myself on a full-out picnic at the beach.

It was perfect – lots of veggies, fruit and, a conveniently pre-portioned martini because, as my dad would say, “It’s 11 am somewhere.”

Followed by a swim in the Mediterranean! That, my friends, is called turning feeling bummed into a blog post.


Cafe Gourmand in Paris


Is it any surprise that there were lots of highlights in Paris? Five nights in this magical city gave me just enough of a taste to get really excited for the month of August which I’ll spend there.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m quite enamored with the cafe gourmand concept which originated in Paris. When I passed by the endearing Coquelicot bakery I knew I had to try their version. Opting for cafe gourmand meant I could forgo the difficult task of making a selection from their extensive and extremely appealing pastry selection.

While I must admit I’m still not a fan of macarons, I was happy to see their brownie included and the lemon tart was one of the very few citrus desserts I’ve ever liked! Their rhubarb tart also got a rave review from my sister. I can’t wait to return for their famous brunch!

Exploring France


I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine! Is traveling around France a decent enough excuse to have fallen silent? I was lucky to have family visit for a total of five weeks which made for lovely company and the opportunity to see much more of the country than I would have otherwise. Please allow me to share with you some of the highlights over the next few posts.

My parents and I spent a week in the quaint little town of St. Remy du Provence. It served as a perfect base for multiple day trips including one to Les Baux de Provence where we saw the most incredible art installation. The exhibit projected works by the likes of Monet and Chagall onto the walls, ceiling and floor of a former quarry. We hadn’t know what to expect. In fact, we almost didn’t go but it honestly blew is away. Our camera couldn’t capture it but you can find more information here:

Carrieres de Lumieres
On our way home I was able to snap a picture of the incredible view outside of Les Baux.

Our time in St. Remy was complemented by its very popular Wednesday market where I (with slowly but surely improving French) purchased delicious olives, crepe eating and lots of people watching in some of France’s many town squares.