Where we’re at


My last post had some major real talk. I couldn’t help it, I’d had a glass of wine and the words spilled out. It was what I found to be the most challening week thus far. We’d recently arrived to Menton and were staying with a woman who epitomized the crazy French lady image (booked via Air B&B). While she certainly meant well, she had a very strong personality that I, at times, found difficult to take. Add to that not having found accommodation for the three months in Menton and I was slightly stressed! Once again, however, I found myself incredibly grateful for the kindness of strangers.

A friend of a friend offered us a room in her flat before even meeting us. And so, we showed up on her doorstep with our backpacks and the bike Ryan rented for what was originally to be for only six nights but has since extended to three weeks as accommodation plans have changed (more on that later).

Anna lives in Beausoleil, about a twenty minute bus ride from Menton and on the border of France and Monaco. I literally cross the street and enter into a different country with a considerably different vibe than laid-back Provence. Monaco is a country with serious money and I can’t help but notice how concerned people seem with keeping up appearances. It’s not my scene at all but I’m glad I’ve had the chance to experience it including a couple nights out in its crazy bar scene. I also got a one night gig serving on a yacht during Grand Prix weekend to some apparent celebrities. Crazy!

As I alluded to, longer term accommodation plans have been worked out and I’m looking forward to the studio we’re renting (last minute but thankfully much better and cheaper than previous options) for June and July. It’ll be nice to feel somewhat settled and actually unpack our bags! I also have family visiting in both months and look forward to showing them my favourite discoveries in the area including day trips to Italy and a cafe in Menton where I’m quickly becoming a regular.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to make strides in my French skills, seeking out the tastiest croissants and baguettes and crossing other quissessential culinary experiences off my list including these:


I’m most excited for #3!




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