One month in!


We've hit the one month mark for the trip. I'm trying my hardest not to incessantly count the days as it's in my nature to always think to the future. Just before leaving for this trip I read the Editor's Letter in the latest Chatelaine (it’s no secret I love this magazine) about how many changes in one’s life can make it seem to slow time down. Read May’s edition for a much better explanation of the theory. If it’s true, I think I’m adding years.

I’m out of my comfort zone.

Traveling for six months in a country I’ve never visited, staying with strangers & living out of a backpack. Add to this “living” with one’s significant other.

I can’t complain though, can I? I’m living in the south of France. However now that Ryan’s started his stage, I’ve the ‘challenge’ of how to fill my days. Such a burden right? But I’m faced with concerns about all the things I could be doing otherwise – looking for a job, securing full-time employment, even spending time with family & friends – girlfriends! I need them now in Menton.

For now I’m embracing the uncertain, replaying the words of those who’ve assured me it’ll all work out….& drinking on patios.





10 thoughts on “One month in!

  1. Hang in there 🙂 it always does work out. And in the mean time, you can enjoy the beautiful sights your photos capture and savor the time you have with Ryan. I don’t doubt girlfriends and much more goodness will come your way soon!

  2. Yes, you could be doing all of the things you listed. BUT the universe has told you that you are supposed to be in Southern France. So in Southern France you find yourself… oh to wonder of your adventures. They will be wonderful, they will be scary and they will be most enjoyed upon your return. So, in the next five months, it is your mission to write and find the best damn pain aux chocolat Menton has to offer!

  3. Relax and savour the moments. That is what is intended when one is given this kind of opportunity. Don’t let some lingering sense of guilt spoil what you are experiencing. You can do penance in a future time if you wish but why would you need to? You aren’t taking away from anyone else and ah contra ire you are enabling the rest of us to enjoy what you are enjoying (occasionally through gritted jealous teeth). embrace the moment!

  4. I’m glad to know you’re back to Europe.
    Good luck for your adventure in France. In case you may visit Italy, please be free to contact me in case you need a place where to stay. I would be happy to guest you in my house!

  5. Emily all your words truly point to you are just where you should be – always difficult to make a shift when we are comfortable. It is the squirmy uncomfortable spots, if we allow ourselves to really be present to them, that yield revelation and the possibility for growth & discovery. Missing you BUT still so glad you took the risk xoxo

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