One week in…

Where to start? Our travel to France, though long, was surprisingly tolerable. Sleep has never come so easy though than after approximately 30 waking hours & we arrived to our Air B & B reservation. Paris is a busy city, you can’t help but keep a quick pace. But there’s so much to see & one is struck by its sheer magnitude of history. Roughly four hours of walking the first day meant a handful of sites, including the Eiffel Tour, had been seen. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend we enjoyed an exciting & tasty meal of tapas turned out from a shockingly small kitchen at Mary Celeste. Quite the hipster crowd with a friendly buzz, it was perfect.

Now we’re in the south of France house & dog sitting for a lovely couple we connected with via I’m doing my best to master the French way of eating while taking in all the sites & pleasures this trip has afforded me thus far.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) I revel in the ability to swiftly & gracefully manoeuvre my luggage. Hiking backpacks don’t really allow for this.

2) Packing is a true art. I’ve both over & under packed.

3) Paris is a sick city meaning that it exposes you to many viruses. We were warned & then both succumbed.

4) Little things become very important to travellers. The kindness of (relative) strangers & internet access have never been so important.

Until the next post…hopefully with photos!


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