Where Things Are At

First of all, let me thank you for reading. I suppose there was some fear when I hit “Post” that I’d receive less than enthusiastic comments or, even, none at all. Now the pressure may be what to write for my 2nd, 3rd, & so on posts. Let’s start with a few more details about this trip I mentioned, which really, is all I have.

Perhaps most importantly, the flight is booked! Flying out of Toronto on April 9th to arrive in Paris the next day. My mother was quite relieved to hear there’s also a return ticket – currently October 2nd. That’s six months. That’s a while!

There’s also my travel companion. My partner, Ryan, is a chef & will be “staging” at a few restaurants to expand his culinary repertoire. What I’ll be up to remains to be seen. But I’m attempting to remain open minded to whatever may present itself.

We’ve planned on two nights in Paris once we land (via AirBnB.com) & then will make our way south to a house sitting I’ve arranged in Azille for just over a week. We connected with a lovely couple via TrustedHousesitters.com. For a small registration fee, & after completing your own profile, you’re granted access to postings from home owners from around the world looking for someone to care for their home &/or pets.

From there we’ll spend three months in Menton. Known as “the Pearl of France,” it’s in southern France on the border of Italy. With hopefully lots of short trips to the surrounding areas the plan is to then be in Paris for August & London for September. Of course this still may change but, so far, I’ve no complaints!

Food of France


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