I’m blogging….How’d we get here?

Here we are, a blog about some of the things going on in my life.

I swear I’m not bragging but my friend Drea has been telling me to write a blog for quite some time. And here it finally is.

It strikes me as an uncomfortably self-indulgent, maybe even self-important act. But I’ll embrace that, at least for a moment, if you’ll allow me.

So what made me change my mind? What was the final push for me to start actually publishing words for the public (however small an audience) to read? A couple things.

For starters, I was laid off. I was a key part of this city’s culinary tourism strategy for four years but, due to ever-shrinking budgets, I was let go. For all kinds of reasons this is for the best long-term including some freedom in my schedule enabling me to spend some time writing.

I’m living in this glorious but small city of Stratford, Ontario. A place where I was born & raised which brings with it all sorts of interesting experiences. Some of which might be worthy of documenting. At least I think so.

Finally, I’m preparing (as much as one can) for a full-out European adventure this April. One that will start in France and hopefully include England, Spain, possibly Belgium, possibly more…

What better way to keep my loved ones & not-so-loved-ones (kidding, maybe) posted on what I’m up to than a blog?! Plans are still very fuzzy, which is in stark contrast to my usual approach in life, but I figure I have enough details to know it’s a good idea.

I hope you’ll follow along. I’ll be posting, of course, all about the trip and some random musings as they occur.


One thought on “I’m blogging….How’d we get here?

  1. I’m hoping that your writing will inspire me to get back to generating my own content as well. I miss writing but I do it so often for work that I never get to doing it for my own personal enjoyment of it. Looking forward to your posts Emily!

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